How to fill your RinseKit
Want hot water or fill from a standard sink?
Drain your RinseKit to keep it working well

Frequently Asked Questions About RinseKit

What is a RinseKit?

The revolutionary RinseKit is a portable pressurized shower/clean up system that’s like having a hose to go!

How do I fill my RinseKit?

You can find directions on how to fill and drain your RinseKit printed on the top of the inside tray - just open the lid and there they are!
The RinseKit hose quickly attaches to your water spigot with a quick connect coupler and fills the two gallon eon™ pressure chamber with approximately 65 psi of water pressure (standard home pressure) in 20 seconds time — and can hold pressure for up to one month. Simply attach the spray nozzle to the RinseKit hose with the quick coupler, select one of the 7 spray settings and fire away! This patented design has no moving parts and can be filled with hot or cold water an infinite number of times.

Live in a condo or apartment? No spigot? Hot water?

Live in an Apartment or Condo? Don't fret, get wet! RinseKit can be filled via most home sinks with our Sink Adapter. Follow the same steps as above on How do I fill my RinseKit. Want Hot Water? RinseKit can be filled with warm/hot water via most home sinks with our Hot Water Sink Adapter.

Do I have to pump it up to get the pressure inside?

No pumping is necessary when you fill it with a standard hose spigot. Check out the Pressure Booster Pump which allows you to fill the RinseKit with still water and quickly pressurize the system.

Are there batteries inside?

No batteries, No moving parts. No nuclear reactors.

How do I know when it’s filled?

It should take approximately 30 seconds to fill completely. You can hear when the water stops flowing in and then you'll know it's full. Don't worry, you can't overfill the RinseKit or blow it up if you get distracted while filling it.

How much water does the RINSEKIT PLUS hold?

2 gallons

How long will it maintain pressure?

It will hold it's full pressure for at least one month.

How long will it spray for?

Your RinseKit Plus will give you around 6 minutes of pressurized spray, depending on the pressure of the hose spigot that you filled it with.

How heavy is it?

The RinseKit Plus weighs 24lbs when it's full and 9 pounds when it's not.

What if I want a hot shower?

It’s insulated, so you can fill it with hot water via the Hot Water Sink Adapter and it will stay nice and warm for you. We also have a Hot Rod Water Heater accessory heater that will allow you to heat up the water on the drive to your next adventure.

What if I don’t have access to a hose spigot?

Check out the Pressure Booster Pump which will allow you to fill the RinseKit with still water and quickly pressurize the system.

Why should I get a RinseKit when I can just use my gallon water jug to rinse off?

Because of the RinseKit's pressurization system, the water usage is extremely efficient. It allows you to use only the water that you need to rinse gear, pets and people. Water conservation is a huge issue facing us all, so we are hopeful that the RinseKit will help inspire people to be more water wise.

How do I clean my RinseKit?

How do I drain my RinseKit?

What if my RinseKit is not holding pressure?

Frequently Asked Questions About The Heater

How do I install the heater probe in my RinseKit ?

1) Open the lid of your RinseKit and unscrew the drain plug by turning it counter-clockwise.

2) Turn your RinseKit upside down and drain all of the water out.

3) Turn your RinseKit right side up and using your fingers only, screw the heating probe into the drain plug hole by turning it clockwise. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO CROSS THREAD THE PLASTIC THREADS IN YOUR RINSEKIT. It’s helpful to push the top of the heating probe straight down into the threads and slowly turn the probe clockwise until the threads engage. Hold the timer and cord with your other hand to allow it to spin as you screw the heater into the RinseKit tank. If the heater is difficult to turn, then you’ve cross threaded it. DON’T FORCE IT. Back out the heater by turning it counter clockwise and try again.

4) Once you have the heater probe hand tight, then use the wrench provided (27mm) to snug it firmly.

5) Fill your RinseKit as you normally would. If you have not filled it before, please refer to the instructions inside the lid of your RinseKit or watch a video on how to fill your RinseKit in this FAQ section. We recommend that you completely fill your RinseKit before using the heater. This will ensure that the heating probe is completely submerged. Turning the heater on while the RinseKit is empty could cause the heater to overheat and damage it. Once the heater is inserted into the drain hole, it is ok to leave the heater permanently installed in the RinseKit.

How do I fill my RinseKit?

1) Once the heater probe is installed and the RinseKit is filled (see above) Load the RinseKit in your vehicle in a secure place where it will not tip over or hit you if you get in a crash.

2) Plug the timer into the 12v power socket (cigarette lighter) of your vehicle and set the timer to either 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

a. Press the silver button one time on the timer and the water will heat for 30 minutes.

b. Press the silver button twice and the water will heat for 60 minutes.

c. Press the silver button three times and the timer will heat for 90 minutes.

If you press the silver button 4 times it will reset to off.

The specific time light (30, 60 or 90 mins) will blink when the heater has been activated. The heater will then begin heating within 2 seconds after time has been selected.

When the timer reaches the last 5 minutes of heating, the 5 min light will blink.

Note: For every 30 minutes of time, the water water will heater approximately 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

NOTE: Vehicle power to the 12v power socket (cigarette lighter) on some vehicles shuts off when the ignition key is turned off. To test your vehicle, watch to see if the LED light shuts off when you turn off your ignition key. If the light goes out, the heater will not activate as there is no power. If the 12v power socket (cigarette lighter) in your car stays on when your key is turned off, then the heater will continue to heat while your car is parked. If your car has a weak battery, we do not recommend leaving the heater turned on for more than one hour.

Is the Heater dangerous?

Yes, anything that gets hot could be potentially dangerous. Here are our WARNINGS:

• Water temperature over 125 F can cause severe burns instantly

• Feel water before rinsing or showering

• Children and elderly are at highest risk of being scalded

• Do not cycle the timer for more than 90 minutes

What if the heater LED lights don’t light up when I plug it in my car accessory socket?

Since we quality control every heater, we recommend that you first check if your car accessory socket has power to it. You may not have power to the socket for the following reasons;

1) The car key is turned off and your particular car might require the key to be turned on to 'accessory mode' or the car may need to be running to provide power to the socket. Some auto manufacturers allow the socket to be powered with the key off or even out of the car and some need the key to be switched on.

2) Plug in another device like a phone charger to see if it lights up or powers up your device. If it does not, and the car key is on, then you may have a blown fuse. Consult your owners manual to find the fusebox and the specific fuse to the accessory socket and inspect it to see if it is broken. The heater draws 9 amps and most car accessory port fuses are 10 amp fuses, so the heater is designed to not blow the fuse. If it is broken, then replace it. If the new fuse does not fix the problem, then you may have a loose or damaged wire. Time to see a mechanic !

3) The heater got damaged in shipping. If this is the case, please try the heater in another vehicle that you know has a working accessory socket. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us and we will replace your heater with a new one.